When BE GOING TO is used in the past tense, it refers to something that was going to happen but in the end it did not happen.

Or something will happen in the future. School subject English as a Second Language (ESL) Gradelevel Quinto.


Works best (I think) with secondary school kids.

These going to conversation questions make practicing the structure interesting for ESL students and anyone else learning English. Positive, negative, questions - write 2. Hundreds more free handouts at www.

Be going to - interrogative forms.

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. First, students match be going to sentences with their functions and answer grammar questions about the structure.

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It 's going.

Be sure to set a time frame for your students (try starting with 10 15 minutes. Main content To be going to.

arent. Here is a be going to Wh questions worksheet to help students practice forming,.

Yes, He is.
In casual speech and writing, will and going to are often interchanged.


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. 1. Jan 18, 2023 Post-Chorus Now I&39;m going to dance Like a cha-cha-cha And I&39;m not scared of this world no more Like a cha-cha-cha When I pour champagne over myself Bridge Cha-cha-cha, one eye keeps turning.

ESL Be Going To Statements Worksheet - Grammar Exercises Matching, Underlining, Gap-fill, Writing Answers - Speaking Activity Freer Practice - Elementary (A1-A2) - 30 minutes. Students begin by completing sentences on the worksheet. Students then match each question with its corresponding answer. . Yes, They are.

Complete the sentences.

Learn how to conjugate the future tense with going to in English grammar and get tips on its usage. Future continuous.

This speaking activity should be done after teaching be going to for future plans (e.


Be going to - write the correct form.

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for dinner He is going to have a pizza.