Both these candidates cope well overall with the tasks in the test.

C1 Combo Pack 12 Use of English, Advanced Writing Plus, 230 KWT, 5 Speaking Tests.

Tips and Tricks for CAE Speaking Part 3. Cambridge Advanced English Speaking Exam CAE Speaking You can find this video's written.

This part is a sort of ice-breaker which serves as introduction to the rest of the test.

Contains 5 complete Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Speaking tests in the official format for the C1 level exam.

C1 Advanced Speaking Exam Part 2 Long Turn. . We also have speaking test example videos that you can show your students to familiarise them with the tests.

Apr 26, 2022 See example test Speaking Part 2.

In Speaking Part 2 you will compare and speculate about two photographs. In this free lesson from Oxford Online English, you will listen to examples of two candidates doing the four parts of the C1 Advanced speaking exam, and consider what to practise for the different areas of the marking scheme. C1 Advanced Speaking Exam Part 3 Collaborative Task.

230 Key Word Transformations C1 Advanced (CAE) 6. The most common mistakes CAE students make.


Sample Questions for Part 1.

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Feb 13, 2022 C1 (CAE) Tips for Speaking Part 3. Adopt a strategy of engaging your fellow candidate in the talk, though avoid relying on him or.

The format of the exam The C1 Advanced speaking exam has four parts.
May 6, 2019 Help your students improve their speaking ability with the following questions.

Both candidates receive a.

org Page 2 of 11 About the Cambridge English Advanced Speaking test The Speaking test is 15 minutes long and consists of four parts.

Examiner Here are your pictures, they show people at work. Press Finish Quiz after the last question to see your score for the quiz. If you're studying for the Certificate in Advanced English interview, welcome to our guide to the CAE Speaking test.

Tips and Tricks for CAE Speaking Part 3. Free digital resources to help you teach online. A CAE essay is an obligatory task in the C1 Advanced (CAE) Cambridge English exam. . 12 Use of English Tests C1 Advanced (CAE) 10. While CAE Speaking test part 3 is quite structured, you have more freedom in part 4.

C1 Advanced (CAE) Speaking Part 3 Collaborative Task.

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Feb 16, 2022 C2 (CPE) Speaking Part 1 Introduction.


If you are preparing your students for their exams online, we have created a range of free digital resources to support you.

listen to your partners talk and answer a question about their.

Sample Questions for Part 2.